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Hilton Head 2016
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This workshop is intended to provide a unique focus on the state of the art and emerging measurement science related to the development and manufacturing of micro and nano systems. The presentations are selected to review some of the latest methods for testing performance and reliability of MEMS, modeling and data analysis, to provide an opportunity for engagement and discussion, and to identify the greatest measurement needs of the industry.

Micro and nano systems, which include micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), micro and nano fluidics, and various other small scale sensing technologies, have a market in excess of $12B that is forecasted to grow at a 13% compound annual growth rate. The vast majority of research in this field is focused on device development whereas the measurement issues in manufacturing high quality products have largely been ignored to date. However, as the industry continues to grow, these measurement science needs play an increasing role in production to ensure that cost and quality goals are met. This workshop will promote direct engagement between the micro and nanosystems industry and researchers focusing on testing and characterization with a goal of determining how advances in measurement science can support manufacturing in these competitive markets.

Who Should Attend:
Developers, manufacturers, and researchers who are interested in learning about and solving issues related to the measurement and characterization of micro and nano systems.

  • Allyson Hartzell, Veryst Engineering
  • Ted Doiron, NIST
  • Jason Gorman, NIST

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