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Can charity

The industrial revolution brought many things in this world but the only thing that it didn’t was equality. The system has been structured in such a way that many of the sections of the society are left unattended. However, this is a structural thing and a change can take decades, but as far as charity is concerned, it can surely change the way our society reacts to such inequalities. Many of the cultures emphasize charity and reaching out to the downtrodden sections of society. More and more philanthropists are investing their time to help and fund projects intended to uplift and meant for the welfare of the society.


Wherever you go there is inequality in the world, the charity can help with the money but can this inequality be eradicated by that? No. It needs plans. It cannot go all of a sudden. Many organizations and Philanthropists work and fund projects that focus on the upliftment of various sections of society. Whether it’s the cultural hegemony or the racial inequality, people are working to empower such a section so that they can be brought up and this be eradicated. This will make our society more just and equal.


Poverty is one such disease plaguing the world. Even though the world produces enough food to feed every mouth, many places in the world are starving. This is to be blamed on the system. With proper coordination among various charities and Philanthropists, projects can be funded and studies done to assess the problem. Charities can provide food but there is a lot that needs to be done in matters of production. Money can be spent on various irrigation facilities and uplifting the agricultural produce of the place. This not only feeds the place but will also make them self-sufficient.

Human rights:

Human rights:

In many places, freedom and justice is still a distant dream. To create an equal society, one has to understand that every human being is entitled to respect. Many organizations work in War zones and conflicts to protect the human rights of people. Though it’s very hard with dedication and determination, this can happen. Many Philanthropists make regular donations to such organizations and make sure the funds never run dry.

Women empowerment:

This is one of the striking issues currently faced by the world. Crimes against women are increasing. Many organizations work on ground zero to promote and educate the people about human rights in general and women’s rights in particular. The Philanthropists use their position not just to fund such initiatives but also to promote so that it reaches to maximum people. They work tirelessly to protect women’s rights in many countries.


Philanthropy is a greater act to uplift society, whereas charity is to eradicate the suffering caused by inequalities. It’s an instant reaction. Both of them can change the world and are changing the world if they work and collaborate, the intensity of that blend can be felt on the ground.

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