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MIG Panel

Shark Pup Tank

Shark Pup Tank

Diversity Event

MEMS Shark Pup Tank Competition


Winning Team: Sonic0ps

Runner-Up Team: Calorimetric

Overview of Competition
  • MEMS Shark Pup Tank is a competition for the best Pre-Funding ideas for MEMS/NEMS based products and technologies, which could visibly impact global economy in 2025.
    • Pre-Funding is defined as new ideas with commercialization potential, qualify-able for either Seed or Series A funding by Angels or Venture Capital. Companies with funding by friends and family are still allowed to participate if the total of such funding is <$250k.
    • This unique opportunity will give aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to test their ideas in a supportive and instructive competition.
  • Competition is open to Teams from academia and industry with at least one team member who is a resident of the Americas.
  • Product ideas should be presented by Teams interested in forming a company aiming at commercialization of their idea.
How to Enter
  • Teams will be asked to submit a mini Business Plan including the following:
    • Overview of technology and status
    • Overview of potential market applications
    • A text file (Word, etc.), in PDF format, estimating the development milestones and seed funding needs to develop full business plan
    • A text file (Word, etc.), in PDF format, estimating the impact on global economy in 2025.
    • A set of PowerPoint Slides, in PDF format, with the following:
      • Slide 1: Describe Opportunity: market need, size and problem to be solved
      • Slide 2: Describe technology solution and product offering
      • Slide 3: Describe team: Members and resources
      • Slide 4: Development timeline and funding required
    • Please combine all PDFs into one document before submitting
  • Entries must be submitted to the Shark Pup Tank Submission Page by March 31, 2016.
  • Judges will select 6 - 10 teams by April 30, 2016. From these, the top 4 teams will be selected to participate in the live event at the Workshop.
  • The prime selection criteria by judges will include:
    • Innovation.
    • Feasibility/manufacturability.
    • Market opportunity (Disruptiveness).
    • Potential for global impact in 2025.
    • Thoroughness of idea evaluation.
Preparation and Presentation at Hilton Head 2016
  • Companies will be assigned at least one coach who will work with them to prepare for the pitch at the Workshop. This coaching will take place over the two months proceeding the conference.
  • At the Workshop, companies will give 3-5 minute elevator pitches, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A each by the Judges and by the Audience at a special MEMS Nurse Shark Tank Session.
  • At the conclusion of the Shark Tank session, the results will be announced.

One winner and one runner-up will be selected based on evaluations by the Judges and Audience feedback: The winner will receive a package of in-kind services, including:
  • "Hilton Head Workshop Shark Tank Champion" award that can be used in the company's advertising
  • One Year MEMS and Sensor Industry Group membership
  • 8 hours of product development/strategy consulting by AMFitzgerald
  • 8 hours consulting time with each of Kurt Petersen and Janusz Bryzek
  • 8 hours of consulting time from Nena Golubovic, IP Group
  • $10,000 in MEMS foundry services from Rogue Valley Microdevices, a full service prevision MEMS foundry that combines state-of-the-art modules with the engineering expertise to go seamlessly from custom design to manufacturing
  • 6 months license to MEMS Pro software from softMEMS
The runner-up will receive a package of in-kind services, including: All Teams will gain:
  • Sharpening of skills and business focus with coaching by industry experts.
  • Upgraded Elevator Pitch reusable to Angel or VC investors.
  • Exposure to network of companies and investors.
  • Free publicity
  • Dr. Janusz Bryzek, called the Father of Sensors, co-founder of 11 Silicon Valley MEMS companies, and mentor/advisor to many startups and MEMS related companies.
  • Dr. Alissa Fitzgerald, founded and single-handedly bootstrapped a MEMS product development company that has developed dozens of innovative MEMS for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Dr. Nena Golubovic, specializing in new product development, innovation process management, start-up operations, technology transfers, intellectual property and new business development.
  • Dr. Kurt Petersen, called the Father of MEMS, co-founder of 7 Silicon Valley MEMS companies and Transducer Research Foundation, member of Band of Angels, and mentor/advisor to many startups and MEMS related companies.

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